Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life – MEL3E

This course empowers you to expand your grasp of mathematics as it pertains to both professional settings and everyday situations. You’ll tackle challenges related to income generation, tax obligations, and consumer transactions. Additionally, you’ll utilize calculations involving both simple and compound interest for saving, investing, and borrowing, while also mastering the computation of transportation and travel expenses across diverse scenarios. Through problem-solving and articulating your thought process, you’ll reinforce your mathematical proficiency.

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Course Details

Course CodeMEL3E
Course TypeWorkplace Preparation 
FormatOnline School Course
PrerequisiteMAT2L or MFM1P or MPM1D or MTH1W
Tuition Fee500
Course TitleMathematics for work and Everyday Life
GradeGrade 11
Credit Value1.0

Outline of Course Content

1Earning Money25 hours
2Purchasing Power25hours
3Travel and Transportation23 hours
4Saaving, Investing and Borrowing35 hours
 Final Examination2 hours
 Total110 hours
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