Designing Your Future Career – Grade 11

This course prepares students to make successful transitions to post-secondary destinations as they investigate specific post-secondary options based on their skills, interests, and personal characteristics. Students will explore the realities and opportunities of the workplace and examine factors that affect success, while refining their job-search and employability skills. Students will focus their portfolios on their targeted destination and develop an action plan for future success.

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Overall Curriculum Expectations

Personal Knowledge and Management Skills

  • Maintain a portfolio for use in career planning that provides up-to-date evidence of knowledge, skills, interests, and experience;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the personal-management skills, habits, and characteristics that could contribute to success in their selected postsecondary destinations and independent adult life.

Interpersonal Knowledge and Skills

  • Demonstrate interpersonal and teamwork skills required for success in their school, work, and community activities;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the elements of group dynamics in a variety of settings;
  • Explain ways in which they can make a contribution to their communities and ways in which the community can assist them with career planning.

Exploration of Opportunities

  • Use research skills and strategies to gather and interpret relevant information about work and learning opportunities;
  • Describe, on the basis of research, opportunities in various occupational sectors and explain the requirements and challenges of selected occupations;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of safe, ethical, and responsible personal and interpersonal practices in drama activities;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of types of workplaces, their related workplace issues, and legislation governing the workplace.

Preparation for Transitions and Change

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the transition process and the strategies used to facilitate change;
  • Demonstrate effective use of a variety of strategies and resources for finding work and creating work;
  • Apply goal-setting and action-planning processes to prepare for the transition from secondary school to their first postsecondary destination and for future transitions in their career.

Course Details

Course Code GWL3O
Course Type Academic
Format University Preparation
Prerequisite None
Tuition Fee 650 – 1300
Department Science
Course Title Biology
Grade Grade 11
Credit Value 1.0

Outline of Course Content

Unit Title Time Allocated
1 Future Plans 5 hours
2 My Profile 22 hours
3 What Affects Future Change? 17 hours
4 Opportunities: What’s Possible? What’s Right For Me? 17 hours
5 What’s the Plan? 17 hours
6 What’s Happening in the World of Work? 22 hours
Final Assessment
Project: Personal Portfolio 10 hours
Total 110 hours
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